This Week at STEM: Gaming Week Block 1 2018/2019

This week marks the half way point for us; we only have four more STEM classes left!


This week we focused on gaming. We started the day off with a different type of challenge.  We did a variation of an escape room, where we had to decode clues to find a code to enter into a Google Form.  The first group to enter all of the codes was the group that escaped first.  Here’s a sample of the first set of clues:

We talked about the 4 C’s again and how they helped us escape or not escape.  We realized all 4 C’s are important to help us with a task like this!


We learned about the difference between gamification and game based learning.  Gamification is incorporating elements of a game into a classroom activity and game based learned is using games to help learn a concept.

Our successful learner trait this week is:

Our task for the week was to create a board game that could be based off of other games or be completely new! Before we could go about this task, we looked at the game the Flow Chart for Game Design.  There are so many things you need to think of before you can design a game!

Here are some of the games we designed:

We were able to use the 3D printer to print pieces for our games! It was so neat!


Next week is Virtual Reality Week.  We can’t wait to share all the exciting things we do!

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