This Week at STEM: Virtual Reality Week Block 3 2018/2019

This week we focused on Virtual Reality!

We started the day with an instant challenge.  Using straw, tape, paper and scissor, we had to make something can travel the furthest distance in the air. Here are some of our designs:

Our successful learner trait for the week is:

We watched a video about the history of Virtual Reality and how it compares to Augmented Reality.

Then we learned all about two apps called CoSpaces EDU and Discovery VR.  We used Discovery VR to view a variety of different VR experiences, including airplane simulations, hanging out with Grizzly bears and may others.  Using the Cospaces EDU app, we created a space we could view in VR.  We used the VR headsets to view our spaces and help us refine them!  Here are a couple of the spaces we made in CoSpaces:

Next week is our last week! We’re focusing on personalized learning. We can’t wait to share all the exciting things we do!

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