The 4 C’s




Critical Thinking- Critical thinking begins with questioning what is going on.  Why is this not working?  What part of it is not working?  How can I change it to make it work?  We actively encourage the students to seek out the error in their work and reach a solution.  As Commander Chris Hadfield says: “Work the Problem”

CreativityStudents are given the freedom to dream up wild inventions and ideas.  They are encouraged to design something completely new or innovate on existing works.  They are given the tools and materials to make such ideas happen.

CollaborationWe’ve all worked on group projects or with partners.  Here, the students not only have the chance to collaborate at the center, but also from their home schools.  They are challenged to work together and find strategies that allow them to agree on the task at hand.

CommunicationStudents learn many ways to impart their information, and to a variety of audiences.  If they want the world at large to see their work, they will use Twitter.  If they want their teachers or parents to check out what they’re doing, they will post in Seesaw.  If it means simply accomplishing a task at the center, they will learn the effective use of verbal communication, perhaps in a Starbucks-like setting, huddled around a work area of their choice.

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