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 As u know the summer fishing and boating season is now over and now if your like me your all your thinking about is the ice fishing season. This is my first serious year ice fishing and i’m psyed about it i’ve been buy some lures and researching a couple too. The names that keep on coming up as the best around are the Tingler Blue Fox, jigging rap, and jigging shad rap. If you don’t have them think about getting them. Their tried and true methods have worked for so many and I hope they work for me and you.

Mr. Charbonneau asked us to read a BBC article. So i did. so i went to the sports page cause what else, right. so i found that a soccer player in Europe is finding peace in fly fishing, and that even the people in Europe fish for fun. I sometimes forget how world wide the pass time is. From catching Dinner in Ghana, Switzerland, Indonesia and anywhere else, even Saskatchewan (shudder).

You might not like me, you might not know me, you might see me, you might annoy me, you might think you known me, you might get the best of me, you can think these things about me, but never think for a minute that I won’t out fish you.

A winter story hmmm…… well i knew this guy named charlie brown, no just kidding. My yellow GT racer now that was a sled. I did tricks on it too. jumps stunts u name it. I even went backwards on it too. But my favorite trick  is drifting. i would suicide bomb the hill go down the steepest part go as fast as i can. Then as soon as im going super fast and the ground levels out i crank the handle bars to the left and lean all my weight into the turn. if i did it right i would end up facing the hill and kick up a whole wall of snow behind me.

Back to fishing. I was at staples the other day and i found the coolest lure. You would charge it (45 minute full charge) and it would mimick a wounded bait fish. it cranks itself, lights up, and would rattle and call. A definit stocking stuffer.

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-11-08-28-am i be playing

i don’t know what to write about so maybe ill just talk for a bit. its bittersweet going to school i want to but i miss the brake and  that it represents to me. but its nice seeing people again but i miss some stuff. stories and memories. its nice all the same. back in this old place. is a nice place to  be none the less.

ill b back.

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