Missing Nimama


On Thursday, October 20th, we went to the Millenium Library to hear from Melanie Florence, the author of Missing Nimama, a heartwrenching and beautifully illustrated conversation between a daughter and her murdered mother. She shared about how she went from having an idea about a story all the way to publication of her book, and why it was so important that she write the book. CBC Winnipeg’s Terry McLeod hosted the afternoon and interviewed Melanie about the writing process and why she chose such a difficult topic for a picture book.

Next month we’ll be returning to the Millenium Library for a guided tour and to pick up our Winnipeg Public Library cards!

Starts with sticky notes on a cupboard in her house. Daughter on the left, mother on the right.

She started with sticky notes on a cupboard in her house. The daughter’s voice is on the left and her mother’s is on the right.