Teachers as Learners

The process of being part of the ITLL team has been an interesting journey for me. The change in schools and the fact that I am working with a new team has been a process for me and the rest of my team. I am the only one who was part of ITLL last year so it is like I get to begin parts of the process again. My new team is eager, which is very exciting. We spent lunch talking about what our next steps will be and how we can bring our ideas back to the school in a way that is meaningful and useful to other staff members. We plan on working through what our ideas are as ITLL members, then move forward to making a plan with administration and the rest of the staff. We want to be prepared and knowledgable. We want to be informed and have time to try things out so we have some experience with tools we want the rest of the staff to try. We want this to be a natural conversation in our school between staff members. We want to take advantage of the opportunities to be leaders and learners!

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