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I thought about writing a new blog post throughout my entire recent trip to Europe. Things would happen, or I would see something, or hear something that made me think about teaching, learning, life in general. It was nice to step away from the hustle and bustle of being a teacher, but teaching is a part of who I am, so my class was never too far off my mind. I’d see and experience things that I knew my 3/4 class would love to see, so I’d snap a picture. I looked around for a postcard to send to them that would encompass my trip. I thought about how my travels could impact our next theme of countries around the world. Then I’d think about snapping pictures, buying postcards and souvenirs for families and friends. I am always reminded of a class I took in University called The Anthropology of Travel. I wish I could take that class again now…now that I’ve been so many more places (compared to when I was 19!). It was about how you don’t just think about yourself as you travel, your trip becomes something for all those people at home too! This makes so much more sense to me now! Travel is so much more than yourself! It is a good reminder to think about how small you really are in this big world. You step out of the comforts of your home and set out on an adventure. You deal with things that you don’t normally have to think about…what are you ordering at a restaurant, how will you find your hotel, adjusting to a new time zone, etc. etc. etc. While I was away, I really thought about a student I have right now. She is new to Canada and is new to speaking English. All the times I had no idea what someone was saying to me so I made gestures instead. Or followed what other people were doing…she does that too. It makes me think about how brave those students who come to a new country and are learning to speak a new language are. She trusts us so much to help her, just like we relied on others to help us translate a menu or point us in the right direction to purchase train tickets or find a hotel or a good place to eat. Travelling puts things into a new perspective…or maybe just a renewed perspective. I love that I have been fortunate enough to travel a fair share and have experienced some amazing places and learned about so many exciting cultures. I never take travel for granted and the next trip is never coming soon enough! I feel like this is the best way to spend money…on memories and experiences and learning more about the wold around me and about who I am as a learner in this great big world!

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