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Beginning of February Already!

Ask me…

This weekend’s Ask Me… question is to draw or write about something that makes Montrose AWESOME! We’ve been doing lots of talking about this topic lately. Our bulletin board looks great and the assembly was truly amazing. Sheila did a wonderful job with creating a video that demonstrates our school’s pillars of kindness, generosity and belonging. Now it’s your job to show me what you think makes Montrose so awesome!


-draw and label a picture

-make a comic

-write a poem or a song or a paragraph

-be creative! #BAM (Be Awesome Montrosians)


Some of the kids have brought unfinished aka ‘ketchup’ work home to do this weekend. It really was a “Finish Up Friday” kind of day on Thursday. Some jobs have taken students longer than they thought (some are writing machines with their narrative writing piece!) and some students just needed some more time to complete tasks because not everything got finished. The finish up tasks are a) narrative writing (including a self edit-I will do another edit at school before they publish) and b) Time and/or money booklets. We are starting a new unit next week. Reminder that Monday will be a money focus for #mentalmathmonday!

“What’s up for next week?!”

Wire Sculpture Art with Cathy! We are using Yoga poses as inspiration!

Playing the games we have been creating! Missing from photo: WUNO game (sorry…I couldn’t find it to take a picture on Friday)

We will continue to learn about structures this week. We have some fun activities planned for drawing and building world famous structures! We are also going to decide what topics we want to focus on when it comes to countries around the world (languages, food, schools, houses, etc.) and will find out which country everyone has chosen to learn more about!

I hope you have been doing some talking and planning about the heritage/family tree project. An email will be sent home with further details about ‘due dates’ later on this week!

To celebrate I Love To Read Month I are asking that each student reads a chapter book this month and does a mini maker project at school. As a class we are coming up with some criteria for this project. For right now students need to know that they are expected to read a new chapter book this month. If they are finishing a book right now, there is still lots of time to read another book in February. OR they could start a new book as they are finishing a different book (some people like to read more than one book at a time). More details to come!

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Lots to be excited about!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!