Daily Archives: February 16, 2017

This Week At School…and Beyond!

As we approach the long weekend I’d like to reflect on the past week and just keep you in the loop of what will be happening next week!

Yogis– the art day was fabulous (as you’ve seen from the pictures) and after talking to Cathy we’ve decided we will wait until the other two classes are done plastering their Yogis to paint them!

Instagram-thanks so much for the support! We’ve had 18 notes returned already!!! If you have decided not to give permission to have your child’s photograph posted and have any questions please let me know. Also-if you change your mind at any point let me know! So far we have 6 followers!! Remember to give us a follow so you can see all of our pictures! (as.easy.as.123 is our user name). If you have sent a request and I’m not sure who it is I might send a note home to check, ¬†or you can send me an email if you have a user name that I wouldn’t recognize and a closed profile where I wouldn’t be able to tell who it is!

Heritage/Family Tree projects-these are great! The students are so excited to learn more about each other and the kids are also learning more about themselves! I love that they are all looking different! Good job!!!! You have until Spring Break to hand in your project!

Travel pictures and sharing-the bulletin board outside of the room looks awesome! There is still time to add photos if you’d like to send some in. Just let me know where the photo is taken and maybe add the year too! We had our first parent presenter in today! The class loved hearing about Australia and seeing photos…let’s not forget the didgeridoo!!! If you want to come in and tell us about where you’re from or where you’ve traveled… please let me know, we’d love to have you share with us!

Bridge Building-next week we are building famous bridges!!! If anyone would like to volunteer we could use an extra set of hands (especially with the adult run hot glue station!). We are building all morning on Wednesday (Feb 22). Let me know!!!!

Math-we’ve finished up our extra practice with subtraction and are fully into multiplication! I’ve written up some strategies and explanations for the math we’ve done so far this year. Have a look…this is meant to support you with helping your child at home (in case you were looking¬†for the terminology we are using and examples of what students have been doing). Your child may need to work on one or two areas, all areas or maybe none at all. This is not homework, but a tool for doing math at home. I’ll let each o f you know which areas I’ve noticed that could benefit from practice. Hopefully that will go home tomorrow:)

Math Review for Blog

Country Study-we are in research mode! Each student is learning about a different country and as a class we have decided on some common themes (food, history, structures, etc.) to learn about. Some of the students are keen to continue research at home. This is totally fine with me!!! I’m asking that students use the notebooks we’ve created at school so that all information is in one place. After we feel like we’ve done enough research we will be working through some stations at school. This is not homework…this is a choice. School time is also provided!

Enjoy your long weekend…let’s celebrate this gorgeous weather while we can!!