Almost Break Time!

Apologies for the lack of posting…but since I got to see almost everyone last week I thought it would be nice to have a blog break and just do so Instagram posting instead! It was so great to see everyone at conferences. The students loved being able to share some of their learning with you. It means so much to have the home-school connection for these amazing learners 🙂


-We worked on a poster today about the Future of Canada (which has been sent home). There is a contest going on where kids across Canada are submitting what they think the future of our great country will be like. Check your email about Spirit Week (sent last week) for more details if you want to submit your child’s poster. The contest closes soon (March 31). This contest is completely optional!

-Tomorrow is Crazy Hair/Hat day AND movie day. As you all know…we are watching Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone. It will be nice to compare the movie to the book. We have just started to read The Chamber of Secrets. I think we have some new Potter supporters in the world! We are fortunate enough to have a parent make a popcorn treat for us to snack on during the movie. Thank you!!! I hear there is also a dance party happening from 10:45-11:05 in the gym!

-Friday is Mindfulness day. We are going to be working on some self portraits and will do some Yoga with Murray…all while being in the comfort of our PJs!

-The students will be sent home an activity to complete sometime between tomorrow and April 7. It is a math puzzle that they will create (like the one that was sent home yesterday). Full details and the actual sheets will be sent home tomorrow. I put a “due date” of April 3-7 because I know some of you are going away for a holiday and may not have time before going back to school. Once all the puzzles have been returned to school we will trade them and try to solve someone else’s! I have also posted a copy in the “Need an Extra” section of the blog in case you need a practice sheet!


-Have a fun, productive, relaxing, adventurous, calm, restful, wonderful break. I hope everyone gets a chance to do something they really want to do! I am headed for some R&R and plan on doing a lot of reading!

-This past Monday I sent home 2 Home Reading sheets so everyone should have one for next week too. If you can complete the reading graph for March that would be great 🙂

Post Break:

-Once we get back we will be starting our next themes. In Social Studies we will look at “Connecting with Canadians”. In Science we will learn about Forces that Attract and Repel. In ELA we will continue to work on sentence fluency and conventions in writing and fluency in reading. We will finish up the Literature Circles we’ve been working hard on too! In math we will keep working on basic facts for multiplication and developing recall, relating multiplication to division then starting fractions and decimals! We will spend time each cycle reviewing other numeracy skills such as addition and subtraction (3 and 4 digits) with regrouping and utilizing mental math strategies and vocabulary.

-The next vertical team session for Canada is on April 7th.

-Book orders are due on Tuesday, April 4th.

I think that is all I wanted to say for now! Keep an eye on Instagram to check out all the fun we will have during these last two days of school!!!!

Until next time!


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  1. Angela

    Amazing all the things the kids have accomplished in your class up until now! Looking forward to all the learning coming up after the break as well. Enjoy the break Danielle, you definitely deserve it!!!!


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