L.W.O.S.-Last Week of School!

Seems strange to say that this is the last official post of the school year!!!!…Well unless you are participating in our Summer Book Club and reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with us!! Communicating through the blog and Instagram will be an exciting way to remain connected. Just a little FYI-the 3rd instalment of the Harry Potter series is quite a bit longer than the first two AND there are slightly ‘darker’ characters. If you are not interested in reading Harry Potter with us and would rather read something else please let me know what you’ve decided to read. You can still pop by the book chat and see if anyone else has read the book(s) you are reading and maybe give a recommendation! On that note…We are starting to read right away so if you need to…please grab a copy of The Prisoner of Azkaban and be ready for our Room 123 Summer Book Club!

*On this last week of school we will have many things to finish up and clean up. Here is a quick rundown of the week…

-Monday (26): Last rehearsal for our Robert Munsch Reader’s Theatre

-Tuesday (27): Reader’s Theatre Presentations, Grade 6 Farewell (p.m.), report cards go home

-Wednesday (28): Final Math group with 122

-Thursday (29): Meet the Teacher 1:10 (students only) & Awards Day Assembly 2:30

-Friday (30): Happy Birthday Canada ‘parade’ 11:00, dismissal 11:30

Throughout the week we will be taking work home so it isn’t all being sent home on Friday!

*I hope that all of you who were able to join us for our Canada 150 celebration last Wednesday enjoyed yourselves. It was wonderful to see so many families and share what we have learned about Indigenous Languages and Culture as well as Residential Schools and Treaties.

I love the idea of the Heart Garden to symbolize Truth and Reconciliation. Beautiful and thoughtful messages were displayed as families planted as a community.

*If you were at the school that night I hope you had a chance to take a look at our self portraits. I think they turned out great!!!

*I found this photo online the other day and feel like it is a nice end of year…advice…teachable moment type of thing!

Have a great summer everyone! Thank you so much for following the blog and letting me try something new.

*If you are joining the book club…we’ll chat soon 😉

Until next time,


and Hudson!

4 thoughts on “L.W.O.S.-Last Week of School!

  1. Angela

    Can’t believe it’s the last post! Sniff sniff! Thanks so much for this blog, it was a great way for us to see what amazing things you all were working on throughout the year:-)

  2. Vycki Atallah

    Thank you for taking the time to fully capture the amazing work, inquiries, projects, and fun that happened in Room 123 this year. It has made for so many rich conversations at home recounting their experiences. The opportunities to see photos of all of the activities our kids took part in were priceless. Have an awesome summer!

  3. Madalena

    I love that your blog is very informative and it’s so great to see all that the kids have been doing and learning. Looking forward to reading more over the summer approaching the following year. That’s again Danielle.

  4. Mr Stefaniuk

    Okay. I’m in on the Book Club. I have very fond memories of reading the Harry Potter series when my daughter was younger – it was our thing to do together. I look forward to reading along with the families of room 123.


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