Chapters 1,2&3

Hello my little Summer readers!!!

I hope you’ve all been finding time to read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and are ready to make some comments!

I’ll start us off!!

My favourite part of re-reading the book so far is the feeling I get every time I pick up a Harry Potter book! It’s so exciting…even though I know what happens! I think each time I read the series I find something new . The magic of J.K. Rowling’s words just never gets old!

Please comment by July 10 and read chapters 4,5&6 by a July 14 ⚡️

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11 thoughts on “Chapters 1,2&3

  1. Angus Bell

    Hi everyone! This is Angus! My favourite part was in Chapter 3 when Harry jumped back and he saw a black shape in the dark corner by the garage and fence.

  2. Robert Stefaniuk

    Hi Harry Potter fans.

    I’ve really enjoyed the read so far! I like interesting characters in books and J. K. Rowling doesn’t disappoint. She gives a little glimpse into every character’s personality; enough to capture my interest. I really feel like I’m seeing a friend (Harry) that I haven’t seen in awhile.

    I’m excited to read on because I always like it when the group (Harry, Ron, & Hermione) gets back together after their summer vacation.

  3. Ella Kehler

    Hi everyone! This is Ella. My favorite part so far was when the knight bus came and picked up Harry and brought him to see Cornelius Fudge. I also liked the part when Harry’s aunt went flying away. I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

  4. Hudson Fricker

    Hi everyone! this is Hudson so my favourite part so far is when Harry Potter blows up his aunt!#Hilarious.Whenever I read Harry potter It feels like a new adventure each time because each book is so very different.

  5. Cassidy Vieira

    Hi everybody!
    Wow this book is quite interesting even though we have only read the first three chapters! My favourite part so far was when Harry turned Aunt Marge into a balloon. I can’t wait to read the next three chapters!! Cassidy Vieira

  6. Brooke

    My favourite part so far was when Harry’s aunt turned into a balloon! I liked it because I thought it was really funny

  7. Owen Block

    My favorite part was when Aunt Marge got blown up like a balloon. I’ve just realized when *I* read the books that I can see how much time and effort JK Rowling put into the harry potter books #bestbookever


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