Chapters 7,8&9

Happy Friday Harry Potter fans!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading (or re-reading) chapters 7,8 & 9 . Before I read these chapters I went back to remind myself of what the book chat question was going to be this week. I’m glad I did because it helped me generate ideas as I read. This week’s theme is all about connections (as well as anything  else you’d like to post -other than spoilers that is 😉 As I read, I was reminded of reading to the class and having the students take turns with the ‘big book’. The new hardcover Harry Potter books that are being printed with full illustrations sure are gorgeous. I’m so excited that we all got to share the first two together and see how someone else interpreted the story. I sure hope they continue to put one out each holiday season!

I also really enjoying finding the small connections between the Harry Potter series and other books. Earlier in the year I read The Girl Who Drank the Moon…just because there was magic involved!

I can’t wait to hear about the connections to self, connections to text, connections to world and connections to media that you’ll want to share with us! Maybe it’ll be a memory or something new that the rest of us haven’t thought of yet. Thanks so much for connectIng with each other through the blog. I’m really interested in how you are finding this whole book club process so let me know!!!

My book pile!

Happy Reading ⚡️

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16 thoughts on “Chapters 7,8&9

  1. Angus Bell

    My favourite part was when Peeves told everyone that Black tried to get into the Gryffindor dormitory. I love this book because it makes me feel awesome – like I could do magic too!

  2. Liam Wolynec

    Hi everyone !!

    I am posting this in golden BC!!!!!
    I have a TEXT-TO-SELF connection to share!!!!
    When malfoy injured his arm it reminded me of when l broke mine =(

    1. dshrumm Post author

      Were you injured by a Magical Creature?! 😉 Have fun reading in B.C. Enjoy your trip!!!!!

  3. Cassidy Vieira

    Hi there, When Black wrecked the Fat Lady’s painting it reminded me of the time when I wouldn’t let my little brother come into my room and then he broke my toy purposely !!!!Cassidy Vieira

    1. dshrumm Post author

      Oh brother I think we all need a talking painting with a password for our bedrooms!! I bet the “Fat Lady” was terrified but the new portrait seems thrilled to have a purpose!!

  4. Hudson

    Hi everyone!

    I am doing this comment FROM BERRIE,ONTARIO!!!

    This book reminds of number 1&2 of Harry Potter because there’s a part in every book That always seem too be in every


    1. dshrumm Post author

      Greetings in Barrie! Which part is in every book? I find that the books flow nicely together too!

      1. Hudson

        In every book there seems to be a class with Snape when he is always rude to a student. It is usually Harry or Neville who are bullied by Snape.

        The students look forward to going to Hogsmeade during the school year however, Harry isn’t allowed to go because he doesn’t have a signed permission slip.

        Also, Harry looks forward to Quidditch every school year.

        I feel these are a text to text connection.

  5. Robert Stefaniuk

    Good evening everyone.

    I’ve always wanted to go to Diagon Alley but alas, I can’t. I was imagining Harry’s disappointment that he couldn’t go into Hogsmeade with his friends. Then I realized that on my trip to Melbourne, Australia there are famous alleys in the heart of the downtown business district. One is covered in graffiti everywhere you look – street artists creations. Another is lined with coffee shops which are very popular in Australia; the Aussies love their coffee! Another alley has exquisite architecture and beautiful shops. Check out the tea shop I had breakfast in one morning. Those alleys might be my “Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley.”

    This is where I ate…

    (I’m trying to figure out a way to post a picture of the alley. I’ll ask Danielle to post it for me.)

  6. Ella Kehler

    Hi everyone!
    I liked the part in Chapter 9 when they were playing Quidditch. This reminded me of my trip to Orlando and visiting the Harry Potter World at Universal Studios.We went on the ride “The Forbidden Journey” where it feels like you are riding on broomsticks. I really liked that ride!


    1. dshrumm Post author

      Harry Potter “World” is do well done at Universal. I bet so many thing have changed since I’ve been there about 5 years ago. When I think about it, I can’t believe that Mrs Silk was able to get me on some if those rides lol!

  7. Xavier

    I went to pet land for my brothers birthday party and got bite by a Ferret like how Malfoy got bite by Buck beak.



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