Chapters 10, 11 &12

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I can’t believe how hot it is today! I think I better head back to the lake soon…Hudson agrees!!!!


It is also hard to believe that we are more than half way done the book!!! This week’s discussion is about favourite characters. As I read,  I thought about characters that I can relate to. First I was considering Hermoine because she is a “rule follower” and I really don’t like breaking rules! Then I thought about all the rules that Hermoine has technically broken and realized that she’s too much of a risk taker for me 😉Next I thought about Hagrid. Okay…I don’t see myself as a giant or anything…but I find him to be so loyal. He’d do anything for Dumbledore, Harry and Hogwarts. I find myself to be very loyal too. Maybe I am more like Professor McGonagall. She is fair, but can be strict 👩🏻‍🏫 It’s hard to choose. Maybe I need to think about this another way and choose someone I really admire for being completely different than me! Fred and George really crack me up 😂I’m sure they would make for very naughty students, but they are good for a laugh! However, I do know that there are a list of characters that I cannot relate to nor do I consider as my “favourite” by any means…They all seem to be from the Slytherin for some reason 😉

I’m very curious to hear who your favourite characters are and why you’ve chosen them to be your favourite. I wonder how many other readers are undecided like I am!

This is a sneak peek of some of the treats I saw online from @jennaraecakes. They are Golden Snitch macarons! I wonder what else they will have in stock?!

My friend Rachel made me this Harry Potter inspired cardigan. It has all the house crests! Pretty cool hey?!

Don’t forget to wish Harry a Happy Birthday on Monday, July 31st!

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11 thoughts on “Chapters 10, 11 &12

  1. Robert Stefaniuk

    Hi Potter readers.

    My favourite character, that’s easy – it’s Harry! He is carrying the weight of “good” (vs evil) on his shoulders and is just a young wizard without parents to guide him.

    I must admit I do have a big place in my heart for Neville Longbottom and Hagrid. They are clumsy, befuddled “under dogs” but they always manage to find a way to rise up to the most important challenges they face. They are loyal supporters of Harry and they kind.

    The world needs more kindness!

  2. Hudson Fricker

    Hi everyone!

    my favourite character is professer lupin because since snape is always bullying harry professer lupins kindness makes up for it. And why is professer lupin always giving away chocolate!?!?!?

    1. dshrumm Post author

      I also really like Lupin! He seems to be the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher that Hogwarts has had in a loooong time!! If you like chocolate he’d be a good friend to have!

  3. Cassidy Vieira

    Happy Bday Harry!,
    I hope you have a wonderful day! My favourite character is Hermione because she is smart and she is always interested in trying new things and ideas . I think the thing we share in common is that we are always willing to help others .

  4. Ella Kehler

    Hi everyone
    My favourite character is also Hermoine! I think she is smart and she works hard at school. She is a good friend to Harry and Ron. She often saves the day in a tricky situation because she has studied hard and knows her spells.


    1. dshrumm Post author

      Hermoine is a good role model for us all when it comes to studying! You’re right…she’s proof that paying attention can really come in handy in tricky situations!

  5. Angus Bell

    Hi Everyone!
    I find Professor Lupin to be very interesting because he’s odd and gets sick every month. I think something weird is going to happen with Professor Lupin. It makes me want to keep reading!

    1. dshrumm Post author

      I’m so glad that you are inspired to continue reading. I’m also glad that you are noticing details and coming up with your own wonderings!

  6. Xavier

    My favorite character is Hagrid because of the magical creatures he lives with. I think we’re similar because we both care for nature and animals.


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