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Chapters 21&22!!!!!!

Well my friends…we did it!!! We have completed Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ⚡️⚡️⚡️

I’m so excited that we set out on this journey together. Thank you for being part of my very first book club!!

This week’s questions are…What is your favourite Harry Potter book and will you continue to read or reread the series?

My favourite book is book 1, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I just love the beginning of the series. It’s so exciting to watch Harry find out he is a wizard and see how his life is about to change forever (although he has no idea how much his life will change!!!) I will not continue to reread the series at this time. I read all 8 books last summer and now the first 3 with you, so I think I’ll be looking other books to read for a bit! I do hope those of you who are interested will continue with the series. Just know that they get somewhat “darker” as the books go on. As long as you like that…you’ll love finding out just how this amazing series ends!!

Check out the gift a friend gave me for my birthday!!! It’s a scarf of the Marauders Map!!!

We will have one more opportunity to post comments on the book. Basically I just want to give you some time to gather your thoughts and then post one final comment!!!! Can’t wait to hear from you!!

Until next time ⚡️


Chapters 19&20

Hi Everyone!!!

Well well well…we are almost finished our book!!!

This week I’m wondering what makes J.K. Rowling such a great author??? What are your thoughts?!

I don’t often reread books…but I often find myself rereading the Harry Potter series! I actually don’t know how many times I’ve read these books. Sometimes I end up just reading one or two of them at a time and sometimes I read the entire series over. There is something about J.K. Rowling’s writing that inspires me to read and reread. I look for something new in the books or really focus on a character or even look for inconsistencies in the storyline. I think that Rowling has created a whole world that is so exciting and has put so much thought in the details and that’s what makes her such a great author. I have recently purchased a series of books that she writes under her pen name that are geared toward adults. I wonder if I’ll be as captivated as I am when I read the Harry Potter series!

Happy Reading!!!

Until next time ⚡️


Chapters 16,17&18

It’s Fri-Yay and time to get the ball rolling on our next book chat!!!

First things first…when I was dividing the book up into our reading schedule I did not really consider how we might feel near the end of the book. How many of you want to keep reading and are disappointed that I’ve asked you to stop at Chapter 18, then next time at Chspter 20?!?! How about this…you read what you want to read and comment without spoiling the book for everyone else. Sound good?! I know that when I finished Chapter 18 I totally wanted to finish it off (even though I’ve already read this book multiple times lol).

Anyway, this week we are kind of continuing our discussion on witchcraft and wizardry because I’ve asked you to share what kind of magical power you’d want and why!

Here’s my little list! I’ve thought that flying could be fun, but might freak people out pretty easily! Mind reading is just asking for trouble! Potions would be really fun if you love math and science experiments. Transfiguration would be pretty cool! Not too sure about divination…seems too inaccurate for me. Maybe just having an overall sense of magic would be best. Something you could use when you really need it! Something to make the world a better place 💙🌎

I can’t  wait to hear what you would want as a magical power!!!! Choose carefully my friends 🌂(Pretend that’s Hagrid’s pink “wand” 😉)

Hmmmm…what kind of magic power would Frankie want to have?!!

Until next time ⚡️


Chapters 13,14&15

Hello Again!

Well Hudson and I are back at the cabin and the heat is gone 😢 It’s raining and chilly here today. I guess we should’ve came last week when we were in the middle of a heat wave!

Anyway…back to the book chat! This week’s conversation starter is about whether or not you’d want to be a witch/wizard and why!

I think it’d be pretty cool to be a witch because you’d probably have a neat power. However…With power comes great responsibility! I’m sure there would be all sorts of rules about when and where you could use magic and who could know. It’d be really hard to keep it a secret from your friends and family (if you didn’t come from a wizard family and were scared you were going to freak everyone out if you told them you had special powers!!!). It also would be fun to go to a school like Hogwarts, but they are so far away from their homes for such a long time, so that too might be difficult (unless you were unfortunate like Harry and school was more of a home than is actual home). Maybe I feel undecided about whether I’d like to be a witch. I think I’d want to try it out and see first!!

I have a feeling that many of you would like to be a witch or wizard…can’t wait to hear from you!

Until next time ⚡️