Summer Book Club: Final Thoughts!!

I just wanted to touch base about our Summer Book Club one more time on here before I see you in person!!

I’d love for everyone who has read the book this summer to leave a comment about the book, the experience of being in a book club,about something else you’ve read over the holidays, or about something else you’d like to share!

I’ll go first! I have really enjoyed the book club for a few reasons… I have liked being connected to so many people even though we didn’t see each other! I like that we had an idea and made it work! I have liked watching you connect with each other! I have liked finding out that some of you are going to continue with the series. I have liked being accountable with my reading, knowing you were relying on me to make the blog posts!

I’ve read a few other books this summer…all of which seem to be for “kids”! Helen & I have been pre-reading books for the upcoming year! We are trying to find books that are exciting and hopefully new for most of the classes. There are a few that my “old grade fours” would probably enjoy, so if you are looking for a recommendation come and see me!!!

Thanks again for taking part in the Summer Book Club…anyone interested in doing another one?!

Until next time/See you on Wednesday 😉

Danielle ⚡️

6 thoughts on “Summer Book Club: Final Thoughts!!

  1. Cassidy

    The thing that really stood out to me was when Harry ,Hermione ,Ron ,Lupin,Snape and Black were in the shrieking shack and l found out Lupin was a werewolf ! l was so amazed. I wish Harry could live with Black. I had a great time reading this story!
    See you all in 2 days!!!P.S thanks Danielle


  2. Hudson

    hello everyone!

    i think the prisoner of askaban is like no other book because black is in very few of the books and this the first one he is in. I think being in a book club was fun because your connected to so many people. and another book book i read this summer was “the terrible two” see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. dshrumm Post author

      I’ve never heard of that book. I’m excited to hear all about it and all of the fun you’ve had this summer!! See you tomorrow!!

  3. Xavier

    My experience in the book club was fantastic! Even though we didn’t see each other, we were still all connected to each other like family. See you tomorrow!



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