Happy December!

Good Morning!!

It. Is. December!!! Wow! There are only 3 weeks until Winter Break! We have some very exciting things planned for the month of December. Please stayed tuned through the blog, Instagram, See Saw and communications via email so you don’t miss anything!

Here is what happened in 123 last week and what to expect for this upcoming week!

-Our Math groups with 122 are in full swing! We are having fun with some hands on learning using manipulatives and the interactive whiteboard as well as practicing mathematical language to describe the mental math strategies we are using.

-We ‘met’ our Senior from the “Be a Santa to a Senior Program’. The kids are so invested in this program. We had such great discussions about how seniors can be alone at during the holidays. Our Senior, Sarah has some small wishes. We were surprised about her wish list because we find that we wish for so much during the holidays. I think seeing what Sarah was hoping for was humbling for many students. The students have already been bringing in coins for our senior and we will be accepting donations until 3:30 on Monday. After that I will be doing the shopping to pick up the items on her list. We are asking you to being a loonie or a toonie if you are able to. As part of our fundraising efforts we are also allowing kids to dress as a character from a book or movie  on Monday, December 4. Please consider that any ‘dress up’ items should be appropriate for school as we will also have a regular scheduled day (Yoga, Music, etc.). The letters, cards, poems, pictures and books that the class is making for Sarah are amazing. Your children are so kind, thoughtful and generous.

*This is also the Ask Me question for the weekend! It reads “Ask Me about “Character Monday”.  I’m hoping that you will have a conversation about who/what your child will be dressing up as and write a bit about who/what that character is and/or about why we are fundraising for our Senior. Part of the reason for this question is to make sure you are aware of the date and reason for “Character Monday”.

-Also in the Spirit of Giving, I’d like to thank you for the food donations for the Room 123 hamper and for Turkey Toonie Tuesday. The drive will continue until December 13. Just an FYI-if you cannot find our classroom bin…it is actually beside Room 122. I’ve put a label on it so you know!

-Reminders: Fun Lunch forms are due on Friday, December 8 and book orders were due on December 1. If for some reason  you forgot to get your order in, please see me and we will see if we can make it work for you. An email has been sent about what Room 123 will be wearing for the Winter concert on Wednesday, December 20. Parents of boys…if you do not have a necktie please let me know. Also, there is a Parent Council meeting on Wednesday, December 6. It is a brainstorming session to collect ideas for the nature playground/classroom (6:00-7:30 in the library).

-We had a bit of fun with Hudson (my Hudson!) last week. I told the kids that she ‘predicts’ the outcome of the Jets games! When I ask if the Jets will win…she ‘high 5s’ me if they will and doesn’t if they won’t! Yesterday (Friday) I asked her AND she hesitated for a moment then gave 3 quick high 5s. Some of the kids took that as…the Jets would win…by 3 goals! If you saw the game or the score you would know that it was a 7-4 victory for the Jets! I thought the kids would get a kick out of that! That win also put the Jets in FIRST place!


Have a great weekend!

Until next time,


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  1. Robert Stefaniuk

    Always an interesting read Danielle. I’ll stop by to see the characters that invade room 123 on Monday.


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