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The Endling: Part Two “Captives”

Hi Everyone!

Congratulations! You did a great job reading and commenting on Part One of The Endling. Thank you for your participation 🙂

Our next goal is to: Read Part Two: Captives (Pages 51-137) by Monday, July 23.

Suggested Comment Topic: Which character(s) do you like/dislike/relate to/want to know more about, etc.

*You can make comments about other things…this is just a suggestion if you need an idea!

Dont worry if you’re a little behind and haven’t finished reading Part One. Don’t give up! Read at your own pace if that works best for you.

I found this tweet from the author Katherine Applegate this morning…so naturally I needed to reply!

Here is where Hudson and I have been spending our time reading and journaling. I have finished a book and already have a few more books ‘on the go’!

Enjoy reading Part Two: Captives. Feel free to make comments as you finish reading. As always, I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Reading my Summer Book Club kids and parents 😉

Until next time,