The Endling: Part 3 “My Funeral”

Hello my fellow “book clubbers”!!

I’m here to tell you once again  that you’ve done a great job with the blog comments! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about some of the characters!! It’s seems like many of you are enjoying The Endling so far! It also seems like Tobble is who most of you consider to be your favourite character….and for good reasons! Many people also like Byx and a few are interested in Khara. I wonder if these choices will change as you read more of the book!!

I also want to remind you that if you haven’t been keeping up to our reading schedule not to give up. Read at your own pace if you need to 🙂

Your next task is to:

Read Part Three: My Funeral (Pages 141-221) by Monday, August 6

Comment once you are done reading.

Topic: What do you think will happen next? What are some of your predictions?

Reminder: The topic for comments is just a suggestion. You may comment on anything else that comes to mind (unless it will spoil something for the rest of our readers)!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer thus far. Can you believe that August is just around the corner?!! I’ve been thinking about read aloud choices, mindfulness activities, Genius Hour and outdoor education opportunities for Room 123. Teachers never take a full summer off!!

Happy Reading…I look forward to hearing from each of you!

Until next time,

Danielle & Hudson


10 thoughts on “The Endling: Part 3 “My Funeral”

  1. Owen Block

    Hey, it’s Owen. I really enjoyed reading part 3. My prediction is that Gambler was right and the Murdano is going to wipe out the other governing species. Starting with the felivets.

  2. Tess Garinger

    Hi again! I’m almost finished reading part 3 and I have so many thoughts on it that I can’t tell you it all! But, I can tell you a few things. First of all, part 3 is my favourite part for sure! There’s a lot of action and exciting things. Secondly, ANOTHER favourite character! Every part I have a new favourite character! Part 1:Tobble, part 2: Khara, part 3: Gambler.

    1. dshrumm Post author

      Yes! There are many great characters. I love how I wasn’t sure who I could trust, so I had to keep reading to find out!! Happy Reading!!

  3. Brody Litke

    I think it might get crazy. But so far it’s awesome. By the way, my favourite part of the book so far was when Gambler jumped 10 feet into the air.


  4. Olivia McGee

    Part 3 is full of action and excitement! I predict that when Khara, Tobble, Byx, Gambler and Luca get to Velt, the natites will know that Khara is trouble. Then they might take Byx away from Khara and the rest of them and plan to kill her.


  5. Julia Fernie

    Hi this is Julia! I really enjoyed part three because it has lots of action. I thought the blood tax for riding on the ferry was an interesting part of section three. Tobble is still my favourite character because he is funny and cute.


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