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The Ending: Part 5 “The Beginning Ends”

Hello Readers!

We are in the home stretch! I’m so interested to hear how the Summer Book Club went for you! I’d like to know who liked reading to a schedule as a group, who couldn’t wait to finish, who still needs more time to finish and who realized this book just wasn’t for them! We will have a meeting one day in September for all students who participated in reading The Endling. I will let you know once I have chosen a date and we are all settled into a new school year.

Here is your final task…finish the book!

Read Part Five: The Beginning Ends (Pages 321-381) by Monday, September 3

Comment once you are done reading.

Topic: The book cover says Book One…what do you think Book Two will be about? Is this a series that interests you (and do you plan on continuing the series as new books are completed?)

Once again I’ve really enjoyed reading what you have to say about the book. Even if you haven’t commented since the beginning of the book (or ever even) please try to offer your thoughts as you finish reading 🙂 There is no worrying about ruining it for anyone anymore, so say what you want to say!

I’ll be seeing you very soon!

PS-this was from my birthday…do you think Hudson was hoping I’d share my ice cream?! Sorry girl-it was all for me! She got her own treat instead!

Until next time,

Danielle & Hudson (of course!)

The Endling: Part 4 “Allies and Enemies”

Hello Endling Book Club Members!

Here is your next post which is now available to post comments on!

Keep up the great reading!!


Read Part Four: Allies and Enemies (Pages 225-317) by Monday, August 20 (one of the best days of the year ;))

Comment once you are done reading.

Topic: What would you do/how would you feel if you were Byx?

Happy Reading Everyone!!

Until next time,

Danielle & Hudson (and Frankie!)