The Endling: Part 4 “Allies and Enemies”

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Read Part Four: Allies and Enemies (Pages 225-317) by Monday, August 20 (one of the best days of the year ;))

Comment once you are done reading.

Topic: What would you do/how would you feel if you were Byx?

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Danielle & Hudson (and Frankie!)

8 thoughts on “The Endling: Part 4 “Allies and Enemies”

  1. Owen Block

    Hey, it’s Owen. If I were Byx I would be happy there’s more dairnes but also not too happy because I have to kill some. Can’t stop reading it, though!

  2. Tess Garinger

    If I was Byx, I would feel overjoyed about more dairnes, but things are still pretty ruff so no time to celebrate yet!

  3. Julia Fernie

    The biggest surprise for me was when Luca revealed himself as a villain. He seemed so kind and helpful towards the other characters. I was caught off guard.

  4. Olivia McGee

    Happy Belated Birthday Danielle!!! I hope you had a great birthday!
    I’m so glad theres hope that there might still be
    some dairnes! I was also so surprised that Luca revealed himself as a villain! I can’t believe that Byx actually lied to the majesty!

    – Olivia


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