The Ending: Part 5 “The Beginning Ends”

Hello Readers!

We are in the home stretch! I’m so interested to hear how the Summer Book Club went for you! I’d like to know who liked reading to a schedule as a group, who couldn’t wait to finish, who still needs more time to finish and who realized this book just wasn’t for them! We will have a meeting one day in September for all students who participated in reading The Endling. I will let you know once I have chosen a date and we are all settled into a new school year.

Here is your final task…finish the book!

Read Part Five: The Beginning Ends (Pages 321-381) by Monday, September 3

Comment once you are done reading.

Topic: The book cover says Book One…what do you think Book Two will be about? Is this a series that interests you (and do you plan on continuing the series as new books are completed?)

Once again I’ve really enjoyed reading what you have to say about the book. Even if you haven’t commented since the beginning of the book (or ever even) please try to offer your thoughts as you finish reading 🙂 There is no worrying about ruining it for anyone anymore, so say what you want to say!

I’ll be seeing you very soon!

PS-this was from my birthday…do you think Hudson was hoping I’d share my ice cream?! Sorry girl-it was all for me! She got her own treat instead!

Until next time,

Danielle & Hudson (of course!)

11 thoughts on “The Ending: Part 5 “The Beginning Ends”

  1. Hudson Fricker

    Hi Hudson here!
    I think that what will happen next is Byx is going to get to the island
    and she will discover that there is more dairnes but not like her. Kind of like how there’s a African rhino but there’s also a African white rhino if you get what I mean.


  2. Cassidy Vieira

    Hi guys, I haven’t commented in a while and I’m sorry about that I went to camp and now I’m a bit behind in reading. Anyway part four was outstanding! As I predicted Byx is the perfect main character and she has become the hero that I thought you would become. She may not think herself brave but she is in a very bold her-mother and father would’ve been proud of her.
    But I must say my favourite part was when Tobble went on his rampage! I can see why they called the chapter beware the of the a angry wobbyk… if anybody was going to take down the pale guards I wouldn’t think it would be Tobble. But hey it’s another reason why Tobble is my favourite character-he makes me laugh. I better get on with reading part five. Bye.

    1. dshrumm Post author

      I’m glad that you enjoyed Part 4…I hope that the rest of the book does not disappoint! Happy Reading!!

  3. Cassidy Vieira

    The book did not end in the exact way that I thought it would. But it was pretty close, I wanted Byx to go and find her Dairne brethren. But going to help her new family defeat the Knight of the Fire was the right thing to do. Very humble thing to do indeed.
    But at the back of the book I saw that there is a second book so, I am planning to read it if there is not going to be a book club for it. I think that there will be Dairnes on the moving island but if there aren’t I think that would just be sad-I mean do you know how much the risk to get there?!
    P.S in my last comment I meant to say: I can tell why they called the chapter “Beware the Angry Wobbyk”! I always forget to put quotation marks on things- and put capitals on titles…only when I’m typing though…
    P.P.S I loved the book!

  4. Owen Block

    Hey, it’s Owen. I think Byx and friends will find the island and find more of her kind, but I think that Byx will face the choice of staying with her kind or go back with his friends. I think she will choose to stay but then realize he wants to go back and then will. Great book.
    I hope the 2nd comes out soon!

    1. dshrumm Post author

      Glad you enjoyed the book! Thanks for being part of the book club! I’ve just read online that The Endling Book 2 comes out in May 2019!!

  5. Olivia McGee

    I wonder where Luca and Araktik are right now? I can’t believe that they don’t tell you if there’s more dairnes! I was expecting the author to include some of the characters finding more dairnes. What a surprise that there weren’t! I predict that the author will bring back the dairnes in book 2.
    I definitely would love to read the next book in the series! Hope it comes out soon!!!
    See you tomorrow at school!

    – Olivia

    1. dshrumm Post author

      She left you with s cliffhanger! Think she did it to make sure you read book 2?! You’ll have to wait until May!!
      See you soon!!

  6. Tess

    I can’t believe it ended as a cliffhanger! It’s surely going to be a series! I wonder what will happen because I don’t have a clue!


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