Week 6

Happy Sunday!

Just a quick post before we all get settled in for this evening’s Jets game!!

Recap and Things to Come!

-We FINISHED The Problim Children! And yes…it left off having us wanting more! I have good news and not so good news! There is a sequel! BUT The Problem Children and the Formidable Foe doesn’t come out until February 19, 2019! Should we read it?!

The Ask Me question for this weekend is: Which character from The Problem Children do you most connect with and why?

Remember your options?

Sundae (Sunday), Mona (Monday), Toot (Tuesday), Wendell (Wednesday), Thea (Thursday), Frida (Friday) and Sal (Saturday).

I was born on a Saturday AND I really love outdoor stuff so I’d have to say that I’m most similar to Sal, although I felt a connection to Thea too.

-I think we are going to read another Natalie Lloyd book called The Key to Extraordinary!

-The CREATE-A-THON is coming!! We had our kick off assembly and I hope your children are in fundraising mode! Each time a student raises $30 s/he gets their name put in a draw for some spectacular prizes! The actual Create-a-Thon will take place this upcoming Thursday (October 18), but you have 2 weeks to get all your pledges in! Good luck team Room 123!

-Murray still requires small boxes for the Create-a-Thon. I’ve noticed Kleenex boxes, cracker boxes and even cereal boxes. Have some to donate? Either have your child bring the boxes into the class or drop them off in the library with the others!

-We have completed our first round of Common Learning Times! It’s been a lot of fun, so much fun actually that we are sticking with the theme of learning as a 3/4 team and starting book clubs tomorrow (Monday)! We will be looking at non fiction books as we learn about light and sound!

-We have been writing some incredible stories about out driftwood art pieces! Next week we will work on our final copies and then we will be ready to reveal them to you via Seesaw! These are narrative pieces with a focus on word choice. Our final copies will give us the chance to practice our best printing! We can’t wait to share them!

-We are half way through WALK-tober! Thanks to all the students and parents who joined our walking school bus last week. Lori and I have decided to continue the “bus” for the rest of the month. October 31 will be our last walking day. Don’t live on our route? You could drop off your child if that works for you! The walking school bus is for all students in the school (not just the 3/4s). Parents may choose to walk with us or just drop off their children. Our largest group is 13 students…can we beat that?! Let’s see!

-The October book order is due this week. If you are wanting to make an order, please do so soon!

-This week is Waste Reduction Week!!

We will spend some time each day talking about the impact waste has on our lives and what we can do to make more positive impacts!

-There is no school on Friday!

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  1. Mr Stefaniuk

    So glad to hear that your students are “hooked” by a book! It sounds like they will want to read the sequel. That’s what happens when you have a love of reading.


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