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I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weather and sunshine today! I’ve decided to grab a few plants today and do my best to nurture…not neglect them!

As you know we have postponed our Outdoor Classroom Day until this upcoming week. The forecast keeps changing on us! First it said 0% chance of rain on Monday, then it said 70% chance and now it says 20%…if it’s nice we will go out as much as possible! Murray will do Yoga outdoors I believe and I will check with Ms. V about music. Creating our “Forest in a Jar” projects will be done outside on Tuesday afternoon, as well as our next Drama project! Hint…Think Classic Robert Munsch!! Please be prepared to go outside as much as possible over the next 5 weeks, but especially on Monday and Tuesday next week ūüôā

Outdoor Classroom DayS!

We’ve really enjoyed watching our first two videos about favourite outdoor spaces! It’s an exciting way to learn more about where our classmates like to play, relax, and Friluftliv! Both families e-mailed me their videos. Perhaps that is the easiest way to get them to me. I’ve decided to share mine here in case anyone was interested!

A Trip to Taylor Bay!

We are still working on fractions, decimals and division in Math! If your child finds multiplication facts challenging maybe together you can find some time to practice those basic math facts (since they do come in so, so, so handy with division!). Need a reminder about division?! Check out this Math Antics Division Video!

Curious about fractions and decimals? Here are a few videos to help with that too! Math Antics: Fractions and Decimal Numbers and Math Antics: Fractions are Parts are great tools to watch (over and over again if it helps!).

We would like students to be able to count by 1/2 (1/2, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3…), know that there is a numerator (the part of the whole you are representing) and a denominator (the whole), be able to count by tenths (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.1…), read decimal numbers (1.4 is read as one and four tenths, not 1 point 4), order fractions with like denominators (Example: know that 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 is the order for fourths/quarters), know that 2/4 is the same as 1/2 and 4/4 is the same as 1 whole, name a compatible fraction (in picture form and in fraction form) (If I have 4/5 then I would need 1/5 to make a whole. This is an example of a compatible fraction as we are trying to make one whole). See if you can have fun with fractions and decimals at home, maybe even while you cook!

We have been doing more writing assessments and…wow, our writing sure has improved!! We are using a beginning, middle and end, focussing on an idea and providing lots of detail, paying attention to voice and word choice, using a variety of sentence types (no robot writers in 123 anymore!) and paying attention to conventions (punctuation, capitalization and spelling). We’ve been working on revising our work as well as editing it and learning what the differences between these two things are!

Swimming…everything went well at swimming according to Murray! Thanks for being ready for the pool so you could get to your lesson quickly. The next lesson is on Thursday morning (May 30). The process will be the same this week!

Family Life (Grade 4) and Safety (Grade 3) starts on Tuesday. We will have about 6 lessons over the coming weeks. Have a question? Let me know!

Book Clubs! Overall the students seem pretty excited about the book club. On Tuesday we will have our first book club discussion at school. Students are reminded to read their assigned chapters. These have been written on the board all week at school and is posted to Seesaw, so you can refer to that if you forget!

I know I mentioned Drama earlier! We had a lot of fun presenting our Elephant and PIggie stories to our buddies (and each other). Our next adventure is Reader’s Theatre for classic Robert Munsch stories. The students will find out their groups on Monday or Tuesday. The groups will decide on who will do which part(s) and then each student will get a script to use. Some students may wish to learn their lines…that is perfectly fine, but not mandatory. Students will be able to use their scripts as needed during their performance. We will be using some props and costumes, so if your child asks if they can bring something in then I will be letting them know it’s up to you as a family. Please label things if you are worried about items being misplaced.

Our country studies are in full force. After students have researched a “global issue” within their ¬†chosen country the will continue to research things that interest them about that country. We will be doing more research at school, however for students who are interested they can research at home and use google docs to continue to work on it at school (like we did before). We are reminding students to take notes from the websites and to give credit to the websites used as these words are not our own. We’ve received many photos for our Worldwide Adventurers bulletin board and it’s not too late if you want to send in a photo! This bulletin board is always a good topic of conversation from passers by!

Any guesses where this photo was taken?!

Congrats to our runners from 123 and Montrose School in general. You ALL represented us well! In a few weeks it’ll be time for the main event…the Fit Run at Assiniboine park!

I think that’s it for now…

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