Happy New Year!


If it is your first visit to the class blog site…Welcome! If you’ve visited before…Welcome back!

This is just a quick post to let you know what to expect on the blog…

-I try my best to post each weekend about the week ahead

-This is a place for us to connect between home and school, where I can go into a little more detail

-I like to post helpful links, photos of our work, but since it’s an open site I will not include photos of the students

-The blog acts as a portfolio for myself as well! I can look back on what we’ve done from year to year

-It is an opportunity for me to demonstrate purposeful writing for the class

If you would like to subscribe to the blog and get an email notification when there is a new post…please feel free! It would be great to read the posts as a family as it can act as a conversation starter about things happening at school!

Until next time,


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