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This Week in 123!!

Good Morning Everyone!!

It was great to see so many new subscribers to the blog site. Welcome to our weekend meeting place!

This Week At School:

-We had our first opportunity to meet our grade 1/2 learning buddies. Throughout the year we will do many different activities with our buddies such as reading, writing, outdoor learning, games and more!

-We’ve been having a great time learning about the Performing Arts with Erin. Performing Arts includes music, drama and dance. As a FYI we are using the term Performing Arts instead of Music

-We finished A Boy Called Bat and started on Bat and the Waiting Game. The students voted via the Ask Me question on Seesaw and 100% of the vote went to reading the sequel! I think we are all excited to see what happens to Bat’s skunk kit named Thor. We wrote book recommendations to people we thought might enjoy reading about Bat too. This is a good way to practice our persuasive writing skills!

-We have been working on understanding place value. For some students this is a review and for others it’s a new concept. To help solidity these concepts we watched a Math Antics video. Whether this is the first, second or even third time seeing this short tutorial there is something new or something to be reminded if. *Note: “Rob” talks about using a comma to separate numbers, but we talked about how in Canada we do not (we leave a small space instead). Math Antics has many different videos that are helpful to explain Math concepts if you are interested in checking them out. We like to use some of them throughout the year! *Link to video is above!

-We finally finished our Inquiry Log covers!!! The students are excited to show you them at Meet the Staff on Monday evening! We will also post the pictures to Seesaw later on next week (after you get a chance to see them in person!)

As you can see we’ve had a busy, but great week!

Whats Happening Next Week:

-Monday is Meet the Staff! Hope to see you there 😊

-Tuesday is a Friluftsliv day with Erin. The forecast looks like rain, so be sure to dress for the weather. We intend to go outside unless there is a safety risk due to the weather.

We like to say..

-We should get through quite a bit of Bat and the Waiting Game this week. The class is interested in writing a letter to the author, Elana K. Arnold, to see if she has considered writing a third book. However, the end of the book might give us a clue whether there could be another book coming, or she wanted the story to end after two books. We will see!!

-The 3/4 team is starting our Common Learning Times. This is where we mix up the students in the three classes and rotate the groups through different targeted areas of instruction. We will do math from 9:30-10:00 and ELA from 10:00-10:30. Our targets this session are: patterns, equality, representing numbers and mental math strategies and writing traits (ideas, word choice, conventions and presentation). This first session will take us to about the end of October. I’m looking forward to building community between the 3/4 students and teaching staff!

-Our poetry unit will continue and we will explore different styles of poems. I’m always impressed by our young poets!!

-Our first inquiry about rocks and minerals and their connections to the earth will begin soon!

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,

Danielle (and Hudson!)