And then there were two..

Hello Families!

Two weeks left of school in 2019…how did we get here so quickly?!
This week went by in a flash!! Here is what we’ve been up to!

-The books have been read and now the “book clubbers” have been busy working on projects that we will share with the larger group on Wednesday and Friday this week! I know what my groups have been busy creating and am looking forward to seeing what everyone has decided to do to share their learning!!

-A major part of this Common Learning Time with 122&126 is about reading comprehension. This is a friendly reminder to do regular check ins with your child as he or she reads. If they are reading to you/with you then have a quick chat about characters, problems, solutions, or have them predict, connect or retell! If your child is reading on their own then still make some time to check in. Sometimes we think that they understand the story and all the words they read, but upon further investigation they actually really need a bit more support in order to fully understand.

-We have been working on math with our friends in 122. Ask your children about what they’ve been learning in these math groups!! Hint: math language and review, mental math strategies, reading instructions and designing a game for others to play (depending which group they are in)!

-Our Friday Fanny Fundraiser went great!! Thank you for your donations! Fanny (and the 10 other gifts for seniors) will be delivered next Friday after school. Service learning projects offer so much learning for our students. On Monday they will look at a photograph I took of all the money that came in and figure out how much it was!

-We have been working on a collaborative bulletin board project. All students in the class haven shared their ideas and now anyone who is interested in putting it all together is working hard to get it all displayed for the concert!

What’s Happening Next Week…

-Monday: Last Book Club maker day!!! Students will finish up and get ready to present on Wednesday or Friday! Bulletin board work continues and so does our latest art project!

Tuesday: Math with 122 in the morning and concert dress rehearsal in the afternoon! The rehearsal will begin at 1:00 and will take as long as it needs to in order to go through the whole program! I’m soooo excited to share what our class has been working on AND see what the other classes are going to share! Students are expected to wear their costume attire for the rehearsal. Reminder: Room 123 is asked to wear dark (black is preferred) top (long sleeve if possible), dark (black is preferred) bottoms and comfortable shoes. We are no longer using “extras” to supplement the costumes as we feel as though the black will best most effective to convey the movements!

-Wednesday: It’s Book Club sharing day!! It’s also our last chance to finish up the bulletin board! We will do Friluftsliv at the end of the day so dress for the weather! If it’s too cold we will make alternate arrangements. *See this week’s Ask Me question regarding Friluftsliv!

-Thursday: It’s show time!! Concert times are: 10:00, 1:30 and 7:00. Please wear your costume attire as you did on Tuesday! If you don’t already have your tickets please get your orders in ASAP. The evening show sells out quickly and last minute tickets are often not possible to get. Please do your best to get to the 7:00 show as partner and group movements are challenging if students are missing.

-Friday: We will keep things pretty chill after having such a busy day on Thursday! We will finish up the Book Club sharing and other than that things can be a bit flexible!

One last thought:

The book order was a quick turn around this month. We realized that they are busy at Scholastic at this time of year and the orders may take a bit longer to arrive. I’m going to wait to put in the order until Sunday at 6:00 pm so it will get processed first thing Monday morning. If you are going to make an order and are using the online ordering it’ll be easy (it goes into my account and I receive a notification). If you want to pay by cheque just send me a message and I’ll send the order for you and you can send the cheque in on Monday! Also-if you need any orders kept as a surprise for a gift then please let me know and I’ll make arrangements with you to have it picked up instead of sending the order home with your child!!

Have a great weekend!!

Until next time,




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