Last Week of School 2019 Edition!!!

Good Morning Families!

Brrrrrr….it’s a cold one out there today! I hope you have things to do that make you feel warm and cozy today!

What a busy time of year! Here’s a recap of what happened this week and a glimpse of what is happening next week…our final school week of 2019!

-Thank you so much for your support for this year’s concert! The kids did a GREAT job, don’t you think?! We did some sharing on Friday and the kind words you shared with your children really put smiles on their faces. A huge thanks to Erin and her student teacher Ms. Samantha for all their hard work and dedication 🙂

-Book Clubs are over! This week we will make crafts during our Common Learning Time with 122 and 126

-Our math groups with 122 are going well. We have a few more sessions and then will revamp some of our targeted instruction in January

-We are almost done the second book about the Fitzgerald-Trouts! We will for sure finish by Friday, but maybe even sooner!

-We are making and exchanging cards with each other. Each student will draw another student’s name and make a card for him or her. On Friday we will exchange the cards!

-On Friday we will celebrate the Winter Solstice by participating in some outdoor activities! Please dress for the weather as we will be outdoors for the majority of the afternoon 🙂

-Please send in any outstanding library books. If books need to be renewed for the holidays we can get that done this week!

Next Week’s Plans…


This will be a fairly regular day for us. If it’s warm enough we will try to go outside for our gym time, but if not we will use the gym. We will have math with 122 and will try to finish up our Space Invader (Super Flex) projects


Craft day #1 with 122 & 126 and Northern artist study!


Sing-a-Long in the gym with the whole school (9:15-9:45 ish), final math group with 122, card making.


Craft day #2 and Northern artist study!


Card exchange, Sing-a-Long @1:15, Winter Solstice afternoon!

Have a lovely weekend!

Until next time,


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