Weekend Update…

Good Morning Everyone!

I just wanted to do a quick post as the upcoming week is very busy and I’d like everyone to know what to expect!

-Monday: This is our final session of Common Learning Time. We will also be working on some of the projects we have going for Book Clubs and be doing a fraction check in to see what our progress is like and what skills need more attention.

-Tuesday: Begin animal project research, share Zoo field trip design projects, record our February Writing Samples , prepare for Valentine holder construction and start a craft with Ginny!

-Wednesday: Valentine holder making, guest artist in Performing Arts, school assembly, “ketchup”

-Thursday: MTYP performance in a.m. and field trip to Assiniboine Forest in p.m. (12:30-3:20)

-Friday: Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day! (See below for more details), Contemporary Dancers performance @2:30

Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day…

As we talk more about healthy habits we have decided that we can put this into practice for Valentine’s Day. Although it’s nice to have treats (as proven from the Bake Sale on Friday) it also feels good to be mindful of our eating habits! We have decided as a group to make health our priority on our Heart Health Valentine’s Day “party”!

To do this we will:

-be eating foods that contain natural sugars like fruits and veggies to help fuel our healthy bodies and reduce our environmental impact (from less packaging, etc.)

-only drink water from the fountain or reusable bottles to help hydrate our bodies while also considering the environment

-get outside and being active to get our bodies moving

-spend time being mindful to keep a healthy mind

-be mindful of things we can do to be more environmentally friendly (keep lights off when possible, consider how much and which paper we are using and trying to reuse instead, try to walk to school instead of driving, etc.)

I will put a post on Seesaw so parents can use the comment feature to “sign up” for a snack if they are interested 🙂

Until next time,


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