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Week 5!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Everyone!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your families and take that extra moment to share something you’re grateful for. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family at our cabin, which is one of the places I am most grateful for. It has allowed for 35 years of amazing memories. It’s also the place where I get to practice my best hygge (the Danish word for creating cozy experiences and enjoying the things you like most, especially when with friends and family)! I’m grateful for a career that I am passionate about. I am grateful for kindness in those I know and those I will never meet. I am grateful for this Earth and will do my best to make choices to promote sustainability. This list could go on and on! What are you grateful for?!

This week in 123!

-I was able to snap a few photos of the Zentangle art covers before I left school (the first five I saw!) so you could get an idea of what we worked on. Maybe the students will take a picture of their own and post it to Seesaw for your enjoyment!

-Today (Friday) was a paint day! I’m excited to see what everyone has created. A big thank you to Kristi Marie and Mrs. Duncan for their help. I hope everyone remembered to thank them for their help and also remembered to take care of the library by cleaning up after themselves.

-We’ve made it page 205 in The Problim Children! My voice was a bit rough for a few days, so listen to reading wasn’t actually possible. I think if we try really hard we can finish by next Friday!

-We have 2 more sessions in our “Common Learning Time” with 122 &126. On Friday we will do a final assessment to see how much we’ve learned. I’m really enjoying my time with my two groups. I hope the kids are enjoying these common learning times as well!

-The kids were so excited to see the snow! Me on the other hand…not quite ready for it! I will admit it was beautiful to play and make yesterday during Friluftsliv because the snow was perfectly sticky and it was warm and sunny out! We also have a few friends in the school who are new to Canada and watching them experience snow for the first time is quite special!

-We started writing some poems this week! So far we’ve written a free verse, a rhyming poem and a haiku. Once we write a few more we will share via Seesaw! Writing poems is a nice way to work on word choice and adding some beautiful and exciting words into our writing!

-We met author Annie Barrows! She was pretty funny. It was so neat how her stories came from her own memories and experiences, then she added her own twists to them!! Thanks for coming to Montrose Annie!!

-We finished our Storybook Engineering projects with Murray! We read After The Fall (a story about Humpty Dumpty) and designed some ways to help poor Humpty back up that wall and conquer his fear of heights!

This definitely helps us learn to make a design plan and then implement the plan, making changes as the piece requires. It’s also great practice of the 4Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking).

Whats happening next week?!

-No school on Monday!

-Picture Day on Tuesday!!

-WALK-tober “school bus” starts on Tuesday! Who is joining us?! See your Ask Me question on Seesaw for more details!

-The Montrose School Create-a-Thon assembly is happening next week. It’s the kick off to our school fundraiser. Students will receive their pledge forms and then they will be ready to fundraise! Stay tuned for more details! Murray is asking for some help from families. Please read the message below (which has also been emailed to families earlier this week)

On Thursday, October 18 Montrose School will be having our annual fundraiser to support all the exciting events and field trips that your children will be participating in this year. This year the students will create many exciting projects using a variety of objects, props and household items to help invigorate their creativity. Could you please send all your empty tissue boxes and any other boxes about that size to the library?
Murray Mandzuk
Inquiry and Innovation Support Teacher/Yoga Teacher
Montrose School

I think that’s it for now!

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Until next time,