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Summer Book Club Post 1-Reading Schedule

Good Evening Everyone!

Here is the timeline for our Summer Book Club!

*Mr. Stefaniuk wants you to know that he will also be joining our book club!!!!!

Summer Book Club: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Please Read…(up to and including) Date to Read by… Discussion Ideas… Comment by…
Chapters 1,2,3 July 7th What is your favourite part so far? July 10th
Chapters 4,5,6 July 14th What do you wonder? July 17th
Chapters 7,8,9 July 21st What connections can you make? (Text to text, text to self, text to world or text to media) July 24th
Chapters 10,11,12 July 28th Who is your favourite character and why? July 31st
Chapters 13,14,15 August 4th Would you want to be a wizard…why or why not? August 7th
Chapters 16,17,18 August 11th What kind of magic would you like to be able to do…and why? August 14th
Chapters 19,20 August 18th What makes J.K. Rowling’s books so interesting to read? August 21st
Chapters 21,22 August 25th Which Harry Potter book is your favourite and why? Will you continue to read (or reread the books?) August 28th
Final Comments September 1

*Thank you for your interest in our Summer Book Club. It is super great to hear how much interest we have in this idea. I appreciate you trying something new with me 😉

*The discussion ideas are just that…ideas! Feel free to comment on other topics 🙂 I will start the discussion post. It will be titled Chapters _,_,_ so you know which chapters we are commenting on. I will do my best to put the post up right after the “Date to Read By” so you will have lots of time to post a comment!

*You can post your comments on the blog or on our Instagram account (or both). I have a feeling that most people will end up using the blog (just an FYI)

*If you know of anyone else who might be interested in reading with us please pass on the blog address with them…it is open to the public (blogs.winnipegsd.ca/dshrumm123) By subscribing to the blog you will receive emails when there is a new post!

See you tomorrow (ahhhh I won’t be saying that for such a long time!!!!)

Until next time,


Two Things!!

Hi Everyone!

Two things for today’s post!

I forgot to add this document from Ms. V about how to make a light build maraca at home. Some of the kids were interested in this idea so Ms. V has forwarded the instructions! She was very impressed with all the instruments that the kids made at school! Try it out and see what you can do!

Light Bulb Maraca

The second part of this post has to do with an invitation for students to participate in a Summer Book Club with me! The details will be emailed to all of the families in Room 123 tomorrow, but I wanted to plant some seeds right away!

This is the idea: We read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban together this summer! Some of the class was asking to read the third book in the series at school, but we’ve run out of time and also had other authors and genres to read. I’m thinking that this might be an interesting solution to our Harry Potter withdrawal!

Check your email tomorrow for more details!

P.S. If you get a chance come and see how our self portraits are turning out! They look fantastic!

AND turns out that I ran out of Home Reading sheets today (how embarrassing!) I will have more tomorrow but in the meantime if you’d rather print one off of here you can click on the Need An Extra tab on the homepage of the blog!

Until next time,