March 1

Room 27: Mapping the World

Room 27 remains involved in saving our turtle!  In the mornings before school we have been busy selling turtle bracelets.  We will be so excited when we reach our goal of selling them all so we can get our turtle into a new tank!


In the earlier part of the month we spent some time looking at globes and maps to learn about longitude and latitude. We located several places in the world using the coordinates as well as listed at least five Canadian cities using longitude and latitude. We consolidated our learning explaining this mapping system using the See Saw App on the iPads.  Room 27 will be spending a lot of time learning about Canada over several weeks.  We are learning about government through various group activities.  Five students led groups in very different ways as we learned about the different kinds of governments in the world.

Room 27 Math class has been busy working on decimals and per cent as well as working on average problems.  During our warm ups we have been looking at Input Output tables and writing algebraic equations for the rule!

-Ms. Last, 4/5/6 Alternative

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