March 1

Ms. Bailey is Back in Room 22!

What has Room 22 done since Ms. Bailey got back?  Believe it or not, we’ve been quite productive!  We started by making pink shirts to display on our lockers in order to bring awareness to the negative actions and feelings caused by bullying.  We started by watching a bunch of videos.  One showed a social experiment at a college to see if people would stand up to a bully if they saw bullying happening.  We were surprised that even adults sometimes have a hard time standing up to bullies.  Another video showed strategies how to stop a bully. We will try to encourage skids at Earl Grey to use these strategies.  We also saw how different people react to bullying.  After watching the videos and designing our t-shirts, we decided to brainstorm ways to be a bully free school.  Now we are working on writing expository essays on how to be bully free! We are practicing to teach others how to recognize and stop bullying.  We are using this information to help us learn how to write a proper essay.  Look for our published essays outside our classroom in a few days.

-Ms. Bailey, Grade 5/6


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