March 1

Room 15 Loved our Winter Carnival

The Winter Carnival was held last week for Kindergarten  to Grade 4 students.


We played lots of games out in the snow. I had lots of fun. My favourite activity was the parachute because we played Cat and Mouse. I was the mouse two times! – Georgie


We spent the whole afternoon outside.  We only came in to have hot chocolate in the middle of the carnival. Our class played Tug-of-War. We played boys against girls. The boys won once and the girls won twice. –Salvador


I got super wet playing soccer in the snow. It was amazing to play soccer with my friends. – Natalie


My boot got filled with water. Who knew that one boot could hold so much water?! My teacher had to pour it out. I wore bags on my feet under my boots to go home -Mya

-Ms. Broughton’s Student Writers, Full Day Kindergarten

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