April 23

Friday is Pay It Forward Day

“Pay it Forward Day” – April 28, 2017
What is Pay it Forward: An opportunity for children to participate in a pro kindness program which enhances their understanding of giving by doing a good deed for someone and expecting nothing in return. Instead the receiver is encouraged to “Pay it Forward”.

When someone “Pays it Forward” they often give the person a card asking them to pay the kindness forward.

Ideas for the day might include:
– be friendly to someone they might normally ignore
– write and illustrate a picture book for younger students
– help someone with their homework or classwork
– do chores at home to help family members
– do cards to cheer up people or visit the elderly (the Convalescent Home on Jessie Ave. comes to mind)
– give someone else a recess treat
– write a letter to someone telling them how special they are

Let’s cause a ripple effect!!!!

-Ms. Desrosier

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