April 27

Room 27: Off To The Legislature

On Thursday, April 6, Room 27 went for a tour of the Manitoba Legislature. It was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed the walk to the bus stop!  Mrs. Last said she was proud of us for giving up our seats for others during the bus ride.

When we arrived at the Legislative Building grounds we took time to look at the statue of The Famous Five.  Have you heard of them?  They are five women who fought for women’s rights. One of them is Nellie McClung from Manitoba!

Our guide for the tour of the building was awesome. She was both informative and funny. Our favourite story was about a scandal involving Thomas Kelly. He was in charge of building the Legislature. He stole building supplies and used them in his residence down the street. Of course he got caught!

Wab Kinew, the MLA of the Earl Grey neighborhood, stopped by to see us during the tour. He told us about his sister who just graduated from Harvard with her Ph D. She went to Earl Grey for grade 7 and 8. He challenged all of us to go to graduate from High School and go to University!

Later we went to the Chamber and heard him make a speech to all the MLAs and he talked about us. The MLAs gave us a round of applause!

After the rest of our tour it was time to catch the bus and go back to Earl Grey.

By The Students of Room 27

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