April 28

Great Reads for Junior High

We have been really, really busy in junior high language arts since returning to school after Spring Break. We began the month with a new novel study on the book “The Giver.” The students have worked together through a variety of activities to help them to develop an understanding of the terms “utopia” and “dystopia” and to explore the big idea for this unit that societal structures have the power to either limit or promote our freedoms, choices and desires.






On April 12, the International Day of Pink, we explored the ChanieWenjack story through the MacLean’s article from 1967, “The lonely death of Charlie Wenjack” and                                         through Gord Downie’s and Jeff Lemire’s “Secret Path.” Chanie’s story certainly highlights the big idea of our novel study. The students were assigned the task to produce something that told their story of “coming home.” The results featured an amazing array of poetry, art work, short stories and PowerPoint presentations. We all have our own stories to tell and our own creative ways to tell them!


On April 24th, the grade seven students have invited our grade six students to join us for part of the afternoon to get “the feel” of our junior high. We are hoping many of them will be joining us next year for an exciting year of learning!

We will be ending our month by participating in the International “Pay it Forward Day” on April 28th, a day to do something nice for someone else without being asked. The junior highs will be “Paying it Forward” by making and delivering Rice Krispie treats with special messages to some of the people in our community.

Overall it has been a great month of learning and growing together!


Ms. Desrosier – Grade 7/8 English Language Ars

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