April 28

Room 22: Earth Week Investigations

What was Room 22 learning about during Earth Week?  We learned a lot of things about water! First, we met with Mary, the guest speaker from the Green Action Center, who explained to us about how much water Canadians waste every day.  Did you know that most Canadians use about 430 litres of water a day!  Even though the earth has lots of water, we can’t use a lot of it.  In fact, less than 1% of the water on earth is drinkable.  The water cycle makes it possible to recycle our water, but if it is polluted or poisoned, then we can’t use it at all, which makes it unsustainable. This is a problem! We decided to investigate and design a variety of filtration systems to test if we could clean polluted water. First, we had to make our polluted water so we took sand and soil from outside and added it to a jug of water.  We then added peppermint tea leaves, dish soap, salt, vinegar, baking soda, and paper to the jug. It was dirty!  Next, we worked in groups and created filter systems using two liter plastic bottles and filters such as sand, soil, small pebbles, large pebbles, charcoal, nylon mesh, coffee filters and cotton balls. We did an activity to see which filter made the cleanest water.  Even though all of our filtered samples still looked dirty, we examined our filters and were surprised that the soil filter cleaned the best.  After, each group took this data to design a new system with a combination of filters to determine which method will remove the polluted water best.  Now we are waiting for our results. During this time, we have also read books about conserving and protecting our water supply. We have learned that water is a valuable resource and we need to protect it.

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