May 2

Room 37: April was a Busy Month

Oh my! April was a busy month but boy did it fly by!

In math we finished learning about linear equations and started learning about ratios, probability and adding and subtracting decimals. We had a delicious time with ratio centres – who knew math could be so tasty!

In science we just finished up our unit on the Earth’s crust. We explored the layers of the earth through an experiment using Starbursts.

At Everyone Has the Right we were told to bring an artifact that represents ourselves or something important that happened in our life. We were encouraged to tell our stories about our artifact and together everyone in the group created a story. From there all the schools came together to create one large story.

For Pay It Forward Day we made rice crispers squares and little cards. We handed them out to the staff and neighbours around our school. We encouraged them to pay the nice offer to another stranger. We also made Pay it Forward coupon booklets for with our buddies.

For Earth Week we planted seeds in our classroom and outside. We did a community clean up with room 31. We also got to hear an amazing speaker about climate change – thank you Mary!

At the of April we invited the Grade 6’s upstairs to explore the third floor. They really enjoyed our science class “YouTube made me try it!”