June 5

Eres Mi Estrella!

We have been busy in our room with reading, writing, singing, dancing and even enjoying a Hair Salon our dramatic play centre filled with a hair accessories, hair products and much more. In the month of May we had the opportunity to honour our volunteers at a volunteer tea.  We shared two songs filled  with love and care for our wonderful Earl Grey Volunteers.  One of the songs we sang was “You  are my Sunshine/Eres Mi Estrella”

You Are My Sunshine

Hemos estado ocupados en nuestra sala con la lectura, la escritura, el canto, el baile e incluso disfrutar de una peluquería en nuestro centro dramático lleno de accesorios para el cabello, productos para el cabello y mucho más. En el mes de mayo tuvimos la oportunidad de honrar a nuestros voluntarios en un Té Especial. Compartimos dos canciones llenas de amor y para nuestros voluntarios de Earl Grey. Una de las canciones que cantamos fue “You  are my Sunshine/Eres Mi Estrella”

June 5

Exam Time

It has been another busy month in Junior High Language Arts.  This past month we completed our novel study on “The Giver.”  As a concluding activity the students watched the movie and together we brainstormed how the movie and book were similar and yet so different.  The students each wrote a compare/contrast essay and are currently working on constructing their own “memory books.”

Exams are only a few short weeks away!  The ELA exam is first up and the students will write the reading comprehension portion of the exam on June 13th and the writing portion will be written the following morning.    All grade eight students in our school division will write a common exam while the grade seven students write an exam constructed in house.  Students will have an hour and a half to complete each portion of the exam.  We have just begun exam practice with a focus on reading and understanding the many different ways that exam questions are asked.  Many of the exam questions are made up of several parts and it is imperative that students read the questions thoroughly before they begin to write their answers.  Good luck junior highs!

On June 26th we will be formally saying goodbye to our grade eight students with a graduation ceremony in the gymnasium at 10:00 a.m.  The ceremony will be followed by a reception for the graduates and their families.


Mrs. Desrosiers


June 5

Mini-Olympics-Inner City Science Lab and EXAMS!

We have had a very eventful month with Mini-Olympics, visiting the Inner City Science Program and constructing structures in science class!

Mini-Olympics has come to an end with tired and sunburnt kids. We had a splendid time outside running races, doing relays and having fun with the field games.

The Inner City Science Program was a BLAST! 10/ 10 we would love to go again! We learned more about W.H.M.I.S (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System) and M.S.D.S (Material Safety Data Sheet). We zoomed through the class where we looked through microscopes. We looked through microscopes and examined onion, celery and even our own cheek cells!

In science class we have been working on making different structures out of basic materials. Most of the students created structures that held 5 to 8 math and science textbooks. In math we are busy reviewing for our upcoming exams and learning about shape and space!


We cannot believe June will be here in less than one week! It feels like just yesterday we were finishing our first month of school and now we are entering our last school.


Ms. Hamulka and Room 37

June 5

News From Room 27

We have started a study of the human body. As a whole group we studied the digestive system. We learned about all of the parts of the body that are involved in digesting food and how the body gets nutrients from the food. We also learned how the body gets rid of waste! One of our activities was to build a model of the digestive system and explain how each part works.

We are now studying the circulatory and respiratory systems. We are asking questions and researching topics that interest each of us. We will continue to research all the systems of the body in June.


On June 22, we will be going to the University of Manitoba to the Faculty of Nursing to tour the labs and classrooms and participate in activities. It should be an interesting morning!



The Students of Room 27

June 5

What is Room 21 Reading?

The students in Room 21 have been enjoying the Chester book series written by Melanie Watt. It is a story told and retold by Melanie Watt and her large orange cat Chester. The students adore Chester’s creativity and confidence. We have recognized the strong voice of both authors, the humorous tone and subtle details. Some students have even included Chester in their own writing! We can be found reading Chester books during read aloud time, read to self and buddy reading. We are on the lookout for the final Chester book in the series called Chester’s Masterpiece!

June 1

Room 25’s Poetry Night

We had lots of fun in May! When we finished our poetry anthologies, we invited our families to come to a Poetry Night. We
liked that some people went up to the front and read their poems to everyone. Mrs. Kanaski’s chair was really comfy! We also
served snacks and drinks for our families. We have been learning about plants. We made videos on
the iPads with a group. They were about how plants help the environment, jobs that work with plants, and how humans use
plants for food and different products. We also made sunflowers and wrote about what we learned from watching our videos.
We have started doing descriptive writing about Monsters. We’re getting better at describing things. We have also been
practicing visualizing what we’re reading, and trying to read harder books.

In math we have started working to multiplication and division.  We’ve done some new math games like Giant Steps,
Salute and Stacking Cups. We’re getting better at knowing our math facts by heart.
In drama we worked on skits that were based on Fairy Tales. We think Madeline did a great job as the Little Red Robin, Mikaela
played a good Grannie, and Tiago was awesome as the Baby Bullfrog.
At the end of the month, we hosted a bake sale to raise money for our field trip to Camp Manitou in June. We sold a lot of
yummy treats, and we raised… wait for it… $170!

We were superexcited!

By Room 25

June 1

Room 23 wants to change the world!

In E.L.A we are currently working on writing detailed paragraphs about why we should plant (food, flowers, etc.) and how it helps our environment and ecosystems!


We just finished our writing about “If I could Change One Thing” to make the world a better place. We generated a lot of ideas as a class about problems that exist in our world and then we each chose one and wrote about how it impacts our world and what we could do to help stop it!


June 1

What Have We Been Doing in Room 22?

April was a month where we focused on science activities related to Earth Week.  We are continuing our science study by exploring the properties and changes in matter.  This month, we spent a lot of time learning about the colonization of Canada.  We learned about some of the explorers who were looking for the Northwest Passage and came across North America instead.  We did a research project and we made posters pretending to be a famous explorer such as John Cabot, Henry Hudson or Martin Frobisher, to name a few.  We also writing post cards from New France and pretending to be a filles du roi or a coureurs du bois. They were really important in settling New France and the Fur Trade. Next month we will continue to learn more about Canada’s past and look forward to doing some messy experiments in science.


By Ms. Bailey and Room 22

June 1

Room 13 is Making Rainbows

May was a very colourful month! We experimented with colour mixing in lots of different ways. We learned the primary and secondary colours. Did you know that adding white makes a color lighter and adding black makes it darker? We also made a rainbow out of our handprints. It turned out great!