June 1

Room 25’s Poetry Night

We had lots of fun in May! When we finished our poetry anthologies, we invited our families to come to a Poetry Night. We
liked that some people went up to the front and read their poems to everyone. Mrs. Kanaski’s chair was really comfy! We also
served snacks and drinks for our families. We have been learning about plants. We made videos on
the iPads with a group. They were about how plants help the environment, jobs that work with plants, and how humans use
plants for food and different products. We also made sunflowers and wrote about what we learned from watching our videos.
We have started doing descriptive writing about Monsters. We’re getting better at describing things. We have also been
practicing visualizing what we’re reading, and trying to read harder books.

In math we have started working to multiplication and division.  We’ve done some new math games like Giant Steps,
Salute and Stacking Cups. We’re getting better at knowing our math facts by heart.
In drama we worked on skits that were based on Fairy Tales. We think Madeline did a great job as the Little Red Robin, Mikaela
played a good Grannie, and Tiago was awesome as the Baby Bullfrog.
At the end of the month, we hosted a bake sale to raise money for our field trip to Camp Manitou in June. We sold a lot of
yummy treats, and we raised… wait for it… $170!

We were superexcited!

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