June 1

What Have We Been Doing in Room 22?

April was a month where we focused on science activities related to Earth Week.  We are continuing our science study by exploring the properties and changes in matter.  This month, we spent a lot of time learning about the colonization of Canada.  We learned about some of the explorers who were looking for the Northwest Passage and came across North America instead.  We did a research project and we made posters pretending to be a famous explorer such as John Cabot, Henry Hudson or Martin Frobisher, to name a few.  We also writing post cards from New France and pretending to be a filles du roi or a coureurs du bois. They were really important in settling New France and the Fur Trade. Next month we will continue to learn more about Canada’s past and look forward to doing some messy experiments in science.


By Ms. Bailey and Room 22

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