September 28


Phew, September went by quickly!  We can’t believe we have already completed a month of school.  One of the first activities we did was an Instant Challenge.  We were in groups of the three and the task was to build the tallest tower  with thirty-six plastic cups.  Many of the towers fell before we could measure them!


Who knew that one butterfly could spark an amazing experience and study!  We received a monarch chrysalis from another teacher.  Sadly we missed witnessing the butterfly hatching from the chrysalis.  We did feed it and take care of it for two days.  When it didn’t move for about a day, we were worried.  Thankfully it changed its position and flapped its wings.  We named it Monica and released it into the garden.  We noticed other monarchs out on the playground that day.

We learned that the monarchs migrate to Mexico for the winter. It’s an extremely long journey.  We also learned some different ways that butterflies keep safe from predators.  Some use camouflage to blend into the leaves.  Monarchs eat milkweed and that makes them taste terrible and so birds avoid eating them.  Some butterflies are the same colour as other poisonous butterflies.  This is an adaptation called mimicry.  Predators think that they are poisonous too.  Most of our questions were answered through our research but there is too much information to include it all in this report!


Another exciting event in September was that our class was in charge of the Terry Fox Fundraiser.  We called it “Toonies for Terry”.  In total we raised $440 for the Terry Fox Foundation!

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