October 28

Room 23 LOVED MTYP’s Circus Incognitus

On Thursday October 19th Room 23 went to Manitoba Theatre for Young People to

see a play called “Circus Incognitus”. It was a one-man show where a circus performer did all sorts of tricks. He only spoke a few words such as “Hello” and “magic”. He did tricks that included walking on a rope that was raised above the stage, riding a bicycle that was way too small for him, juggling with rings and changing a piece of paper into a bouncing rubber ball! The man acted very goofy when he was pretending to be a fish before he did a big jump into a big, brown box. We got scared when his ladder broke into two pieces and we thought he was going to fall down! Instead, he started walking across the stage using the ladder pieces to move. We can not wait for our next visit to MTYP in December!

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