October 30

Room 27: Postcards from New York

One of the highlights of the month of October was a visit from Sarah from the University of Manitoba Women in Science and Engineering.  We played a game to match footprints to animals from Manitoba.  The best part was at the end when we dissected owl pellets to find the bones of animals they had eaten.  Do you know what an owl pellet is?  It is owl vomit!


We are studying the Earth and the Solar System. We have listed several big questions that will guide our research.  One of the activities that we did was to make a sun out of orange paper that is one metre in diameter.  We then used that scale to make the planets.  They are so tiny compared to the sun!


We were the first class to perform at assembly for the year.  We did a newscast that reported on all the ways that Earl Grey School has given to others. We also explained the history behind We Day.  The end was fun because Room 23 taught us the We Day Dance.  Five students from Room 27 attended We Day and listened to guest speaker and musicians.  They said it was a fantastic day!


We are still reading A Long Walk to Water as part of the Global Read Aloud.  Schools across the world are reading the same book.  We were excited to do a video conference with a school in Oceanside, New York.  We also sent them some postcards with pictures of Winnipeg or Manitoba.   It was exciting when an envelope full of postcards arrived for us from New York!


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