October 31

Room 21 is Saving The Earth Bag by Bag!

October was a busy month in Room 21! We spent some time learning why recycling plastic bags are important.  Did you know it takes some plastic bags 1000 years to completely decompose in a landfill?  We worked together to count and organize all the plastic bags that we collected and so far we have 1902 bags! That’s a lot of plastic kept out of the landfill!

Another highlight of the month was when the students designed and created their very own musical instruments out of a variety of recyclable materials as part of their learning about sound.  We experimented with pitch and volume while creating our instruments.  When the instruments were complete the students had a mini jam session!

Finally, October seemed to be the month to write in Room 21.  We worked on using descriptive details in story writing.  It was a long process from our first brainstorming session right up to completing our final copies.  The students are looking forward to sharing their amazing stories about lost pets, bullying, superheroes, and much more!

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