October 31

Room 25 October Story

It has been a fantastic month in room 25! We have continued to study Manitoba in Social Studies and have just completed mini-projects on famous Manitobans. We were surprised to find so many athletes, artists, actors, politicians and other fascinating people come from Manitoba!

In Science, we have begun studying the properties and characteristics of sound waves. We are eager to learn more on our field trip this Friday to the Manitoba Museum.

In Math, the Grade 4s have had our final quiz on data management, graphing and interpreting graph data. We have begun learning about measurement and will continue learning this topic well into November. In math, the Grade 5s have been working on multi-digit subtraction with regrouping and multiplication. Both grades have continued to work on “Spirit of Math” drills.

In gym we have started learning volleyball skills and have been tested on basic movement skills. In French we are playing learning games and expanding our French language vocabulary. In Music we have already started preparing for our Winter concert! In Art we have done some painting, sketching and even created a picture with an optical illusion! Our class has now started Dance with Ms. Hamulka and some students have some serious skills!

Halloween finally arrived and our class watched a spooky movie and ate a TON of snacks. We would like to thank all the parents who sent in food for our party! It is getting cold and Fall is slowly slipping away and Winter is coming! We are looking forward to snowmen and building forts even if it means coats and toques!

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