November 29

Room 21: Will Marty Be Able To Keep His Secret?

During the month of November we finished the book Shiloh written by Phyllis Raynolds Naylor.  The book is about a beagle named Shiloh who is found wandering around by a boy named Marty.  Judd Travers owns Shiloh, but he doesn’t treat him right.  He even names his dogs by numbers and hurts them if they don’t do something right.  Marty secretly hides Shiloh for weeks and decides to not give him back.  Will Marty be able to keep his secret and keep Shiloh? You will have to read to find out!

After finishing the book, we had a pajama and stuffy day. We set up our chairs like a movie theatre and watched the Shiloh movie in our classroom.  We found a lot of similarities and differences between the book and the movie.  Overall we really enjoyed watching the movie because the characters came to life! Here are some thoughts from the students in Room 21:

“I liked the details of the book” – Kieran

“I really liked the book you should read it” – Issett

“It’s really sad, but there are some happy moments” – Lola

“The cover of the book caught my attention” – Leo

“If you enjoy books about animals I think you will enjoy this book too”– Victoria

“I liked the movie and there was some action in the book that I liked.  I liked most of it” – Noah

“If you like suspenseful books then you will like this one” – Odin

“If you really like dogs and want to read stories about them this is your book to read” – Sebastian

“I loved the name Shiloh” – Paige

“I thought the movie was more serious than the book” – Stephanie

“There were some sad parts” – Chloe

“If you are a person who likes dogs this book is right for you” – Anthony

“Everyone in Room 21 liked the book and it was surprising to watch the movie too” – Isabel

“When you read the book once you will want to read over again” – Mariam

“It was a very good book” – Asher

“I liked Shiloh because I like when somebody reads to me” – Ilana

“I liked the part when they saved Shiloh” – Aiman

“I didn’t like the part when Shiloh got into a fight with a German Sheppard” – Livia

Thank you for reading Room 21 news.  We hope you will give the book Shiloh a try!


From The Students in Room 21

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