December 8

Room 15: Talking about Courage

We learned about another teaching called courage. Mama bears show courage to protect their babies. – Kenzie

I show courage in swimming lessons. I try new things like being a starfish. I can’t do a starfish by myself. I’m going to keep trying! – Yasmin

When I went to Tinkertown, I tried a ride that I never tried before because I thought it was scary. I had courage and went on the ride. It was a fun ride! – Hannah

At daycare I never mix playdough. I show courage and don’t copy other people if they are not doing the right thing. – Jordyn

I had courage and tried cauliflower. It kinda tasted good. – Evan

I show courage at recess. When people go backwards on the slide, I still go feet first. – Carter

Sometimes I feel shy, especially in skating lessons. I show courage and try to glide backwards and forwards to the blue line. My Dad always says that falling is a part of learning how to skate. – Layla

I tried something new during lunch. I showed courage. Even if I don’t like it, I have to eat it all up. – Mia

I show courage and talk in front of my whole class during Letterland. I am very brave. – Naomi

A long, long time ago, I tried swimming. I had courage at swimming lessons. My Mom and Dad said that I was very brave. – Maggie

I show courage when I try to be a better hockey player. I fall and I keep getting back up. – Elliot

I show courage by trying to be better at counting. I set new counting goals for myself. – Joe

I showed courage yesterday at my cousin’s house. I made a good choice and did the right thing and didn’t go crazy when others were. – Willow

Luke Skywalker shows courage and stands up to Darth Vader. – Oliver

Dad made macaroni and I showed courage and tried it. – Charley

I showed courage by making new friends at the school. – Mylee

I show courage and always try skating backwards during hockey practice. It is getting easier. – Tryce

December 7

“Where the Wild Things Are” in Room 23

We liked how the readers said their lines very loud and clear and how we used a blue sheet for the water. The back row did a good job at making waves for our ocean and the front row did a good job at waving the blue cloth up and down. We loved when the Wild Things got to play air guitar and dance around. Cruz and Shaylee did good at being our Max and sailing the boat.

Room 23 also enjoyed working with Room 22 student. We also liked liking about what we would do if we were king or queen of the wild things. We liked making our Wild Things hats and making them look scary to match our terrible eyes, terrible roars, terrible claws and terrible teeth! ROAR!

Written By: Room 23 Students


December 5

Junior High: Greasers, Chocolate Milk and Elevator Pitches

This month has been busy in junior high!  In language arts, we finished reading our novel, “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton and to celebrate our learning we had a “Greasers Day.”  Many of the students came dressed as their favourite character from the novel, including one of the boys who actually came dressed as one of the girls!  We also enjoyed some of the foods the boys in the novel enjoy each day for breakfast, chocolate cake and chocolate milk.    Everyone liked seeing the movie but, in comparison to the novel, we all agreed that the book is so much better!

During “Genius Hour” on November 9th, we listened to most of the junior highs as they delivered their “Elevator Pitches” about the projects they are working on.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time and some of the girls had to finish their presentations during one of our language arts classes.    Many of the projects will be finished shortly after the break and we look forward to hearing the students’ Ted Talks they will present once the projects are complete sometime in January.  Families are most welcome to attend the Ted Talks and will be notified once a date has been determined.

Parent teacher conferences were held this month and were well attended by our junior high parents.  If you were unable to schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to call as I am more than happy to meet with you anytime throughout the year.

On November 20th, we welcomed Mr. R. Forbister, a final year education student, to our classroom.  Mr. Forbister will be with us for both language arts and social studies until we break for the holidays.  He will rejoin us again in April for the last block of his practicum before he graduates in May.

We have just begun our book clubs and are reading a variety of the books that have been nominated for the Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award.   Each of the book club groups is made up of 3 or 4 students who read together and then hold weekly discussions about their book.  The students have also begun work on the Notice and Note reading strategies program and, so far, each of the groups is making good progress in learning how to analyze their texts at a deeper level.  The book club groups are all working hard and at the rate they are reading and working with their novels they may have enough time to read a second one prior to the break!   Keep up the great work junior highs!

December 5

Room 28: Remembrance, Bisons Against Bullying and Student Publishers

Room 28 November Story


This was a busy month!  We started it off planning our Remembrance Day Assembly.  It was a lot of work to gather all the poppies,  information for the monument, and to practice our lines.  Ivy even wrote a poem for us to say.  We were so proud of how everyone (all grades) were so quiet and respectful during the assembly. On our Google Classroom reflection, Isaac shared “I really liked the poem and how everything just came together” and Sella shared that she “liked how everyone stayed focused and tried their best!”

We also really enjoyed our visit from Retired LCol Art Brown, who came to teach us about what it is like to be away from home and serve in Afghanistan. Something amazing he told us was that he has saved all of the postcards students have sent to him when he was overseas. After his visit, we wrote postcards to other people who are serving. *if you would like to send a postcard to a currently serving member or veteran, see the info below.

We also had a lot of fun going to Wheelies this month. It was our first trip as Patrols and Conflict Managers. It was a lot of fun! Some members of the University of Manitoba Bisons hockey team also came to speak to us about how to stand up to bullying, and be a positive bystander. They even brought us pencils and t-shirts!

In science this month we finished our research reports on endangered and threatened species in Manitoba, and created paintings of our organisms as well. We learned how to use a grid to enlarge a picture. We also had fun making storybooks for younger students about the different Kingdoms of Living Things. We even had the chance to share our books with the Kindergarten class.


To send a postcard to a veteran or currently serving CF Member:




December 5

Room 25 November Story

Hello from room 25 students!


This past month we have been doing a lot of exciting things. In Grade 4 Math we have just completed our work on measurement and calculating perimeter and area of 2-D shapes. In Grade 5 Math we have been working on multiplication and long division. Both grades have continued to work on Math drills.

In Science we learned a lot from our field trip to the Manitoba Museum and have just wrapped up our sound unit with a designed instrument build! We presented our instruments to the class and tried them out. In Social Studies we finished our projects on Famous Manitobans and are now set to begin our study of Manitoba’s history.

In ELA we have started our home reading bags and are doing guided reading groups in class. In writing we have done a lot of journal writing and are now studying how to improve our writing using better word choice. We finished reading “The Egypt Game” and have started a new class novel called “Where the Red Fern Grows”.

In Art we have been painting, sketching and recently did printmaking of original prints. In Music we are hard at work on Christmas concert dance moves and songs. In French we have been making a poster to expand our French vocabulary. In gym we have been playing speedball, handball and basketball.

The patrols went to Wheelies Roller Rink as a reward for all their hard work and dedication to student safety. We did our remembrance day assembly and it went very well. We had a long discussion about war and soldiers and shared some personal feelings about loved ones who were involved in different wars. It was very emotional and some tears were shed.

We are all looking forward to Winter break and taking some time to relax and enjoy family. Please enjoy these pictures from our field trip to the Manitoba Museum earlier this month and our pictures of our home-made instruments!


Room 25 Students

December 5

Room 22 Knows Where The Wild Things Are

Hello!  We are Room 22 and we would like to tell you about our Assembly this month.  Our Assembly was all about the book, Where the Wild Things Are.  We practiced for a very long time. We worked very hard and it turned out amazing!   We painted trees and made vines for our set and made wild things hats.  We even made a private boat for Max.  It was fun to wear our wild things hats because they made us feel so silly. In the story, Max sailed his boat to an island of Wild Things so we created the ocean using fabric.  Ms. Borcharding said we did a great job using our stage voices when we said our lines and our acting skills were top notch!   We hope you enjoyed our show!



Max and the Wild Things (Room 22) 


December 5

Room 14 Visits our Maker Space

Kindergarten worked very hard this past month to by putting together syllables to make new words.  We have had a lot of fun playing our number counting game; we are now able to count to 20 with ease! This month was especially memorable because we had the chance to visit our Maker Space, where we discovered our Lego Wall, magnet kit, cups stacking centre and window drawing.

We are looking forward to our upcoming assembly, as we will have the chance to share some of our talents and skills in Spanish to the rest of the student body.


El Kinder trabajó muy duro el mes pasado comenzando con el proceso de juntar sílabas para hacer nuevas palabras. Nos hemos divertido mucho jugando nuestro juego de números; ¡ahora podemos contar hasta 20 con facilidad! Este mes fue especialmente memorable porque tuvimos la oportunidad de visitar nuestro Maker Space, donde descubrimos nuestro Lego Wall, el kit de imán, el centro de vasos y el dibujo en la ventana.

Estamos esperando nuestra próxima asamblea, ya que tendremos la oportunidad de compartir algunos de nuestros talentos y habilidades en español para el resto del cuerpo estudiantil.