January 31

Room 15 LOVED Festival du Voyageur Day

Festival du Voyageur is a special event. We made special Metis food and played Metis games. – Yasmin
I liked the bannock! It was so yummy. – Kenzie
We made bannock! I liked cooking it over a fire. – Naomi
It was so much fun when I got thrown in the air. I love Festival du Voyageur! – Hannah
I liked the parachute. I got to fly up in the air! – Mylee
I really liked the bannock. I roasted it like a marshmallow. – Layla
I went on a big parachute. I went up in the air! – Carter
I liked throwing the pretend bannock in the frying pan. My favourite part of the day was running with bean bags on my head. It was awesome. – Tryce
We played lots of games. It was fun playing in the snow. – Mia
I liked the dog sled racing and dog pull game. The hot chocolate made my body so warm. I wish everyday was Festival du Voyageur! – Willow
It was really fun in the morning and the afternoon. I liked stirring lots of cinnamon in my bannock. – Joe
I had fun making bannock over the fire. I liked throwing the bannock into the hoola hoop and the dog races. – Jordyn

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